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The Big Shakeup

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, or so they say.


P.I. Nicole Graves arrives early at work, just as Los Angeles is hit with “the Big One,” a long-predicted, devastating earthquake. When the building stops shaking, Nicole finds Jerry, her boss, in his office dying of a gunshot wound. It appears to be suicide. 


Nicole is shocked to learn that the police have decided Jerry’s death was murder and even more shocked that she’s their only suspect when there’s no shortage of people with motives. And there’s the question of why the detectives are pursuing this one case when all city workers, including the police, are in an all-out search and rescue operation for survivors. All she can do is evade capture long enough to prove her innocence and catch the real culprit.

On her search for the truth, she keeps asking herself why. Why are these detectives pursuing her and her alone? Why are they focused on one case when all city workers are in a search and rescue operation for survivors? Nicole’s questions are answered only after she faces the greatest shock of all, the identity of the real killer.

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