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The Bequest

Nicole Graves leads a hectic life, balancing work at L.A.’s most prestigious law firm and a long-distance romance with her English lover. Things go sideways when she tracks down a missing office mate, the firm’s in-house investigator, and finds him murdered. Robert’s murder, his mysterious wealth, and his inexplicable bequest make Nicole a target for the police, the paparazzi, and the killer. As Nicole’s love life takes an unexpected turn, she uncovers evil and corruption among the city’s most powerful people. The thriller plays out against the backdrop of Los Angeles, with its peculiar mix of balmy weather, the celebrity-crazed media, and a corrupt power structure hidden by the veneer of glamour and wealth. Nicole’s previous adventure in England, when a house swap went criminally wrong, is told in Nancy Boyarsky’s first novel featuring Nicole, The Swap: A Mystery.



"What a roller coaster of a ride! Found myself turning pages late into the night as heroine Nicole Lewis fights for her life (and finds romance) in this gripping story of corruption in the highest echelons of Los Angeles's power elite. Loved it!" 

— Laura Levine, author of the popular Jaine Austen Mysteries.

"The Bequest is even better than The Swap, Boyarsky's previous book, which was itself a great read!"
— Charles Rosenberg, Best-selling author of Death on a High Floor

"Boyarsky's weightless complications expertly combine menace with bling, making the heroine's adventures both nightmarish and dreamy."​​

-- Kirkus Reviews

"The second book in the Nicole Graves Mystery series is a fast-paced, roller-coaster mystery filled with corruption at the highest level. Characters are shifty and secretive, yet they are also lovable in their own ways. The plot is filled with twists and turns and red herrings. Boyarsky is a creative author and uses this skill to grab fans and not let go until the last page."

-- RT Reviews


"​A charismatic heroine, suspenseful scenes, and a budding romance make this easygoing mystery light enough to take to the beach and engaging enough to keep the reader on their toes, generating excitement for the next installment."
--Foreword Reviews


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